Τρίτη, 11 Αυγούστου 2015

Δευτέρα, 3 Αυγούστου 2015

Talismana (2015) by Sweat Lodge.Austin, TX based tribute to the previous eras of Hard Rock, Heavy Psych, & Proto-Metal.

Silent Oath (2015) by Silent Oath. Traditional Doom Metal from Greece

Five Degrees of Insanity (2015) by Cult of Occult.Prepare yourself for the Apocalypse, as their third album « FIVE DEGREES OF INSANITY » will make you deaf and demented in Octobeer 2015. Prepare yourself to gradually lose your mind, to drown in alcohol, to feel the hatred invade your soul and to kill yourself in front of the Lord himself.

Behold! The Monolith - The Mithriditist.New Track from the upcoming album ''Architects of the Void'' out 29 September 2015

Helicopter Mama 7" EP (2015) by Wight.Sometimes, things today are better than they used to be. But that’s not always the case. WIGHT know exactly when to take queues from the modern world and when to go back to the roots. Combining a powerful groove with complexity and extraordinary musicianship, they celebrate their musical journey throughout times past and present. Presenting doom-based psychedelic rock at the beginning of their career, WIGHT these days are Miles (Davis) ahead of that. Their carefully crafted fusion rock sound incorporates influences from artists as diverse as the Beatles, Parliament/Funkadelic and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Throw in some African rhythms and sounds along the lines of Osibisa, and the sun will rise even in the coldest and darkest places. This makes their concerts an intense experience – an almost sacral atmosphere can often be felt at WIGHT’s live shows, not only because of the incense used by the band to enhance their performances since the very beginning. WIGHT know how to fan the flames of excitement in the listener and make their audience dance, sing along and indulge in their epic compositions at the same time.

Doomed Vibes (2015) by Wasted Lights.Wasted Lights is a five piece stoner act from Bingen, Germany, formed in 2015.

Δευτέρα, 13 Ιουλίου 2015

Ceremonia Oculta Primitiva (2015) by OCULTUM

OUT TUESDAY (7/14): 'The Enchanter's Ball' - Doomed & Stoned's 2nd Anniversary Compilation, featuring underground bands from across the globe with that classic Sabbath sound, with variations leaning towards doom metal and psychedelic rock, each fronted by a female lead singer. 30 bands, 30 incredible tracks. Track-listing: 1. Bolivar Cola – “The Beast Speaks, Part I” 2. Bronco – “Hazy Lies 3. Brume – “Mother Earth” 4. Cosmic Eve – “The Ice Mistress” 5. Cruces – “Desperate People” 6. Cruthu – “Walk With Me” 7. Dead Temple – “Sisterhood of the Snake” 8. Edge of Paradise – “Children Of The Sea” (Black Sabbath) 9. Inuka – “Sacrifice” 10. Kerouac’s Sack – “Evil Dirty Woman” 11. Limb to Limb – “Demon Waltz” 12. Lumo Portanto – “The Devil Inside” 13. Mane of the Cur – "Foolish Magic" 14. Misty Grey – “Woman in Black” 15. Mother Mooch – “Into The Water” 16. Mother Morphine – “Black Rose” 17. Project Armageddon - "Frigid Bitch" 18. Psychedelic Witchcraft – “Angela” 19. Psychic Dose – “The Clock Strikes Madness” 20. Sisters Ov The Blackmoon – “Haunt” 21. Sky Valley Mistress – “She Is So” 22. Spiral Skies – “The Wizard’s Ball” 23. Stars That Move – “The Hidden Hand” 24. Stereo Siberia – “Open Your Mouth Babe” 25. The Great Sadness – “Words” 26. The Sabbathian – “Ancient’s Curse” 26. Walruss – “Pipa” 28. White coven – “Sedative” 29. Winter Moon – “Black Heart” 30. Wucan – “Francis Vikarma”

Crawling Off the Edge Of the World (New Single 2015) by Buffalo Crows.Buffalo Crows came to the top of the rise and surveyed the land before them. it was green and verdant. They saw that it was good. A new dawn rose. Birds tweeted. Cows gamboled on the lush plains below. A vision of rampaging guitars and wild, soulful harmonica came to them. they went down to the valley to play. Australian heavy rock, metal and roots 'n roll. Hear and believe.

Τετάρτη, 1 Ιουλίου 2015

Supervillain by Routes of Neptune (2015).The band started as Decay Greed in august 2010 by Gio and Chris4.Soon Decay formed with MiLoop on bass,Joni on drums and Nick on vocals.After a year and a half,they seperated ways with Nick. In February 2012 Babis came in to fill the gap and the band managed to record and release their first EP named : ''Electric Sound''.After many successful live shows and gigs,in September 2013,Gio left the band to explore his own musical vision and Decay Greed became a four piece member band. In December 1st 2013,they released their first Official Music Video for the single ''Scar to the bone'',as well as an acoustic song that was released in July 29th 2014 called ''Rekindle''.Both songs can be downloaded for free,from their Reverbnation page. After a year of successful live shows and working to finish the instrumentation of the songs for the first full lenth album,Decay Greed change their name to Routes of Neptune and hit the studio the first days of 2015 for their first full LP and a new beginning.

Κυριακή, 28 Ιουνίου 2015

Lunar Mgc.Psychedelic stoner from Thessaloniki ,Greece

Empires by Loft (2015).LOFT are a heavy progressive rock band from Cornwall U.K. Formed in July 2014 they comprise of five musicians that draw their influences from all styles of rock and metal. Influences include Torche, Goatsnake, Kyuss, Down, Sabbath, Led Zep, Metallica, G'N'R, Wildhearts, Pantera, Motorhead and everything in between. Denn Leavy (Lead Guitar) and Bob Barnes (Rhythm Guitar) had the original idea for the band and set about finding a bassist and drummer. The two six stringers recruited Phil Rollason whom they worked with at Bare Knuckle Pickups and although more used to guitar himself made the switch to bass. Enter Tats McGee on drums, a good friend of Denn and a previous band mate of Phil's (in the bands 'Chanovski' and 'Embedded') he fit right in and the band got straight to writing material with Bob and Denn's riffs forming the centre of the sound. With a couple of songs in the bag but no vocalist it came time to hold auditions, Phil knew Rob Summers who had recently moved down from Birmingham to Cornwall and so asked him along for a jam. With all five of the members in the room for the first time it was clear that the band had found it's vocalist and the following weeks and months saw LOFT working on their debut E.P. 'Empires'. Gigs all over the county and beyond followed as the band impressed everywhere they played, this culminated in their entry into the Metal 2 The Masses competition with a chance of playing at the legendary Bloodstock Open Air festival in August 2015. The band won both their heat in Falmouth and the regional final in Exeter and so are now set to play on the new blood stage at Bloodstock on Friday the 7th of August 2015. After the excitement of winning the M2TM competition LOFT set about finishing 'Empires' which was released in June 2015 to universal acclaim. The E.P. Can be found here: https://lofttheband.bandcamp.com/releases You can pay what you want or even download it for free. The artwork for the release was drawn by local artist Jim Doe and the mastering was done by none other that John Cornfield who had previously produced for a vast number of artists including Muse, Razorlight, The Verve, The Stoned Roses and Robert Plant. The rest of 2015 looks to be filled with gigs for the band with the obvious highlight of Bloodstock looming over the horizon LOFT will endeavour to preach the way of the riff to their growing congregation. As for 2016, more gigs, more festivals and a full length album are on the agenda, you can keep up to date with their movements and releases at: www.facebook.com/LoftUK Also look out for the forthcoming live in session videos of the band performing some of their tracks in their rehearsal space over the next few weeks.